Friday, July 13, 2012

Urban Explorer - Yogurtini

Lets talk Fro-Yo!!
One of our favorite frozen yogurt shops in KC is Yogurtini located in Zona Rosa! I love the variety of yogurt and toppings that Yogurtini offers its customers. So far, we haven't found another Fro-Yo shop that has as many flavors of yogurt to choose from as Yogurtini.

Getting yogurt at Yogurtini is a 4 step process.

  1. Swirl it.
  2. Top it.
  3. Weigh it.
  4. Pay it.
1. Swirl it: Simply grab a cup and start browsing through over 10 different flavors on, what I like to call, The Wall of Happiness! 
2. Top it: Now load up on as many toppings as you want from their seemingly endless topping bar. They have everything from fresh fruit to dry cereal on this thing!! Oh, and we can't forget about the sauces and syrups waiting for you at the end of the topping bar that include Nutella and a peanut butter sauce!!
3. Weigh it: The part of the process where you realize that you may have gone a little overboard!!!!
4. Pay it: At Yogurtini you are charged by the amount of heaven in your cup instead of the actual size of the cup. Yogurtini is also on FrontFlip which lets you scan their barcode with your phone for discounts up to 20% off of your total or a FREE yogurt with toppings up to $5.00!!
How awesome is FREE yogurt???!!!?!

Overall, we are always very happy with Yogurtini! : )

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