Monday, July 2, 2012

Urban Explorer - City Market

Ok, so my sister and I have been talking about how bored we both have been with food lately. We are just sick of eating the same old food that we have been eating all of our lives! It is time for a change I tell you, so we decided to be adventurous this summer while I am in Kansas City! We have made it a goal to go to at least one new restaurant a week while I am in town! (So excited!!) Oh, and I'm not just talking about a new pizza place either. I'm talking about completely different types of food such as: Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian, Brazilian, and even a little taste of the Holy Land!! 

To kick-start our little adventure off we went to Kansas City's farmer's market, AKA The City Market!
We had so much fun! It was awesome to see so many different cultures in one place!

Our first stop in the City Market was Habashi House!
Habashi House is a family owned Middle Eastern restaurant located right next door to the Al Habashi Mart which is a Middle Eastern grocery store!

 My sister and I ordered Gyros (Which I was informed is pronounced like "Euros"). We ordered one chicken and one lamb gyro with a side of hummus and Arabic rice. 
The chicken gyro was DELICIOUS!!! (Which is why I don't have a picture of it, it was gone in no time!) The lamb gyro on the other hand was not good at all! I was NOT a fan! :(  Sad to say, I did not like the hummus either. :(  It was very vinegary which was weird to me. I have had hummus one other time before this and they tasted NOTHING alike. Even though I wasn't crazy about the hummus or the lamb gyro I am not quite ready to give up on them just yet. I still want to try hummus and lamb gyros at a few more Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants in KC before I decide I don't like them!  Next is the Arabic rice. I thought the rice was pretty good. Not my new favorite food or anything but pretty good. My sister, on the other hand, HATED it! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the face she made when she tried it!! LOL!! 

Oh, and we can't forget about dessert....
Right outside the restaurant, they were selling Baklava, so I just had to try it! After all, it was only $1.00!!
 I have never had Baklava before and sadly to say I was not a fan of it either. :(

So, all in all not a huge fan of Habashi House.  :(

As we were walking out of Habashi House we noticed a little sushi restaurant called Sushi by Me, so we thought what the heck lets give it a try! My sister and I have been on the hunt for a good sushi restaurant in KC for the past year or so. We just can't seem to find that, OMG this is what heaven tastes like, sushi place. So, we popped in and grabbed a quick and simple California roll. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it! It did NOT have that ever so unpleasant fishy taste that seems to linger in your mouth for days!!! It was such a relief! We rated this as our 2nd favorite sushi place in KC. (So far.) However, we did only have the California roll. ;)

Here are just a few more City Market photos for you to enjoy. :)


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