Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Urban Explorer - Genghis Khan

For my sister's 23rd birthday celebration I went with her and a few of her friends to one of my sister's favorite restaurants Genghis Khan! Genghis Khan is an all you can eat Mongolian Grill!! Now the cool thing about this type of restaurant is that you get to completely customize your meal. And by completely customize I mean MAKE IT YOURSELF! Ok, you're not actually "making" it yourself as far as cooking it goes, but you do get to put all of the raw ingredients, seasoning, and sauces together just the way you like it!
And if you are the type of person who is going "OMG I can't just 'MAKE' food without a recipe!!" Don't worry Genghis Khan has that covered! They have several recipes that you can follow so you can put your type A mind to rest. : ) 

First up on Genghis Khan's cold bar are the veggies!! They have a lot of yummy veggies to choose from so you can just go crazy! Oh, and don't forget to add the onions!!
Next you come to noodles and meats. They have 2 types of noodles to choose from. My favorite noodles are the egg noodles. Their meat options are chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.
My favorite is the shrimp! Yum!!
Now I know when you hear raw meat on a buffet bar your natural instinct is to turn and run, but what I LOVE about this place is that all of the meat on the bar is cut up into bite sized pieces and kept frozen. Yes, FROZEN!! 
Now that all of that is settled, you can head on down to the sauces, oils, and seasonings!!!
They have so many flavors to choose from it is ridiculous!! I usually end up using a little bit of all of them!! ; )  
This is where the recipe following would begin for some! ; )
Once you are done with all of the decision making you can now take your overflowing bowl of goodness over to the grill where, thankfully, the professionals take it from here!
When your food has been cooked to perfection they plate it and hand it back to you. Now it is time for appetizers!! Once you have your plate in hand you get to head down to the appetizer bar where you can choose from crab rangoons, spring rolls, and kabobs!!

Now all that's left is to enjoy your creation!
I love to pair shrimp with pineapple and load up on lots of veggies!! It was DELICIOUS!!

So far, Genghis Kan has never let me down! The food is always delicious and the service is always good!
I was VERY happy with Genghis Kan!!  : )

Happy Birthday, Sis!!!!
By the way, this passionfruit sangria was like the best drink EVER!!

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