Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Friday

Oh how I LOVE First Fridays in Kansas City!! On the first Friday of every month the streets of down town Kansas City's Art District are flooded with people! Once a month the local art galleries open their doors to the public, and invite you in with snacks and sometimes WINE! It is so much fun to browse through the galleries and admire the art I could never afford!
One of my favorite (and most affordable) First Friday stops is a little pottery shop with BEAUTIFUL handmade kitchen wear. My sister and I are both addicted to this little pottery shop because of their beautiful and unique hand thrown coffee cups! Almost every time we go in there we come out with a new coffee cup! I have to refrain from buying them all!! I HEART THEM SO MUCH!
On First Friday, the art galleries aren't the only ones open for business. Local entrepreneurs of every kind line the streets of the art district with tables and booths covered in handmade goodies!
This beautiful clock picture was created by a lady named Bridget Patton. Bridget is an amazing freelance photographer! Not only does she take stunning photographs she then turns her pictures into AMAZING works of art through her secret method of transferring the pictures onto blocks of wood!
I am absolutely in LOVE with the artwork I purchased from Bridget!
You can check out more of Bridget's work here!
Aside from all the SHOPPING, entertainment isn't hard to find either with live music around every corner!

 To sum it up, First Friday is simply a celebration of art and creativity! What more could a girl like me ask for??
However, in spite of all the exciting things that were going on during this particular First Friday, I was there on official Photography By Christy business. I was walking down the streets handing out fliers to promote my fall specials!
"Pick a flier any flier and turn it over to see if you are a WINNER!"  Yea, that was me!
I thought it would be fun to turn advertising into a little game! I mean who doesn't like to win something every now and then? The winners won a free snapshot of themselves at First Friday and a FREE Facebook timeline cover collage!! Awesome right!?!?!!!

Congratulations to ALL the winners and thank you for your participation!!

Mention special code "FirstFriday" when booking and receive an additional 10% off!!

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