Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Weddings

June is a very popular month for weddings with its mildly warm days, cool nights, and a beautiful blanket of summer green draped over every inch of ground. Well, at least that is what June looks like in Arkansas!
With that said, I have decided to make June "Wedding Month"!
For the entire month of June I will be posting tips and tricks for photographing weddings, quick and easy editing options, and also some great links to make planning a wedding a little easier. (Well, as easy as planning a wedding can be.)

To kick-start this month off, here are a few tips on photographing an indoor wedding in low light without a flash:
  • Shoot in RAW if your camera allows.
  • Use a high ISO. 
  • Use the lowest aperture that your lens will allow.
    • f/2.8 or lower is recommended.
      • You could also shoot in aperture priority mode.
  • Use a slower shutter speed. 
    • If shooting by hand, do NOT set your shutter speed lower than the shortest focal length of your lens. ex: My lens is 18-55mm, so I use a shutter speed of 1/20 of a second because the next lowest number on my camera is 1/15 of a second. This will help reduce camera shake.  
  • Use a tripod if able.  
Here are a few websites that go into more detail that will help you better understand each of these points:

low light photography
Snapsort's Low Light Photography Infographic

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