Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's a Beautiful Life!

Last week I challenged myself to seek out and find the hidden beauty in my life! So, here is picture number 2 for my weekly "It's a Beautiful Life" challenge.

5 things that make this picture beautiful:

1) This picture is so beautiful to me because it is a reminder to cherish the little moments I get with Abbi. She is growing up so fast! 

2). Abbi's beautiful smile!!

3)  Holding her in my arms makes all of the worries of the day melt away!

4)  This picture make me feel forgiven and loved! In spite of my many, many mistakes, she still wants to be cuddled up in my lap. She is the very picture of unconditional love. 

5)  This was our last moment together before she fell asleep. My hope is that this is what she will remember about today!


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